1. Our journey starts with Dilayla's designing process & research through textiles and yarns to find the most sustainable option. Later, designs are prototyped in 3D to minimize waste on wrong prototypes. Once the design is approved one 'real-life' prototype is created.

2. We share our sustainability passion with our textile supplier MAEKO. They are an Italian sustainable & ethical textile manufacturer. We have been connected with MAEKO by Techstyle Solutions.

3. Our labels are made from cotton and also designed by Dilayla that includes a QR code for optimal traceability which also have directed you onto this page.

The label shop we work with is TAFTA which is a small ethical label shop in Istanbul.

The dye used on our labels has OEKO-TEX certificate.


4. Once the textile arrives to our atelier. They are cut accordingly to our digital patterns & sent to be embroidered by Yılmaz Nakış. Which is a small embroidery shop also located in Istanbul. We use 100% cotton yarn in all of embroidering.

5. When the embroidered pieces are back in our Atelier, they'll get stitched, and the labels are added on.

6. Our production takes approximately 20 days after the arrival of textile in atelier and supervised by Dilayla. The finished pieces are packed & send to Copenhagen in recyclable boxes by lorry.

7. The clothes are shipped to you from our Copenhagen HQ in compostable mailers. Our mailers are from Noissue who are known for their commitment to sustainability.

Our promise to provide a safe and nurturing work environment for our employees means that the clothes might sometimes take a little longer to get to you. On behalf of our workers, we would like to thank you for your patience.