Did you know that fast fashion sense produces an average of 92 million tons of textile waste per year?

The sense of fast fashion triggers the disposable culture and excessive consumption and therefore surplus production. We wanted to find a solution to this.

We take our inspiration from the fact that sustainable fashion is not boring and that our designs created with high quality natural materials can reflect a cyclical fashion sense by using them for a long time. In short, we choose to return to nature, which is our home.

Our adventure, which started in Copenhagen with the pandemic in 2020, continues in Turkey, Sweden, Netherlands and England in 2022,

Briefly We

  • With 100% natural and innovative fibers, we produce designs that are minimal and that you can use comfortably with any combination of our genderless/unisex designs.
  • All our designs are Vegan
  • We are a zero-waste company, our designs are prepared in digital environment before they are produced, and we plan what we can produce from waste after calculating how much open will come out before production.
  • We make ethical and domestic production. Since the day we were founded, we proudly say that each of our designs is made with Turkish handcraft.
  • With the QR codes in each of our designs, you can see who produced the part you bought and under what conditions.
  • Thanks to our premium quality designs that you can use for a long time, you don't have to shop non-stop.
  • We have seasonless and timeless designs
  • We are a Women's Initiative

What does [IM]perfectionists mean?

It's a word that doesn't actually exist and was created by our founder Dilayla.

It means that a person's mental and physical wounds make him/her himself and that individuals who have the freedom to be themselves are perfect.

So why Kaplan?

We asked ourselves this often, but it developed spontaneously.

Tigers are the largest, big cats in nature. But everyone knows the Lion as the king of the jungle. Tigers don't roar unless they need to. Inspired by this humble and majestic animal species, we believe it represents the power within the person.

We would also like to draw attention to the currently endangered Tigers.

We will not be able to pass without mentioning the Tiger perception in Japanese culture:

The dragon and tiger were revered as rulers of the cosmos and the natural world, as they governed the fundamental forces of wind and rain. Their symbolic pairings were believed to bring blessings of rain and peace. ( National Gallery of Art )