Hello everyone,

My name is Dilayla and I am the designer (and co-founder) of IMperfectionists. My design journey began when I was just 7 years old, sitting at home and watching fashion shows on television while drawing my own clothes along with the shows. While I have been designing from childhood, my real narrative as a designer.

developed when I, at age 15, had a life changing surgery – an experience that helped me realise life is too short to not be comfortable, confident and authentic.

I now aim to only create clothes that allows the wearer to be their truest self, and embrace their bodies’ needs. I meet this aim in my designs my choosing unique textiles, focusing on functionality, durability and universal silhouettes.

My style taste is inspired by the merging of cultures – something that is close to my heart, having spent my whole childhood in Istanbul, a city that is truly a fusion of people and culture.

  • Design vision

    At IMperfectionists we design with intent. The intention of creating freedom through fashion. The intention of creating timeless designs that can be used for years to come. The intention of blurring the line between genders.

    At IMperfectionists we do not design in collections or seasons, but in limited releases, with the purpose of reducing waste and overconsumption. In other words, we only produce what we can sell.

    The social construct of gender is well-established, but does that mean it belongs in fashion? At IMperfectionists we believe in the seamless blend between genders, and the majority of our products are designed to be unisex.

  • Virtual fashion

    We are proud to have collaborated with two talented digital fashion illustrators, Emily Switzer winner of The Digital Illustration Away, and Gülistan Kavvasoglu. From these collaborations we have been able to create 3D renderings of our sweatshirt, both in still images and a walking avatar model.