We are working on it

IMperfectionists admittedly do not have all the answers yet and are aware that no product can ever be 100% sustainable, but we are doing our very best to get as close to it as possible. Dedicating both funds and time to research, constantly striving to innovate and find new and more sustainable solutions.

Working on limiting our overall footprint. Working on making our business model more circular. Working on bringing our production even closer to the end consumer, minimizing transport emissions.

The Founders

Olina and Dilayla met in 2018, while studying in England. They quickly bonded over their many shared interests – most noticeably the climate and fashion – and in a matter of months, their views and passions melted together to create the idea of IMperfectionists.

After three years (and several sleepless nights), the dream of IMperfectionists came to life, with the first two products, two natural hemp-based sweatshirts, launching in April 2021.

As Dilayla have grown up in Turkey, and Olina in Denmark, the two of them have had very different upbringings and life experiences. In certain areas, however, they have lived remarkably similar lives.

Both Dilayla and Olina haven grown up within entrepreneurial families and with strong single mothers, raising them to do more and do better.

Our Definition Of Sustainability

Creating natural solutions while minimizing overconsumption. Taking affirmative actions to not deplete or ruin natural resources while fighting for a plastic free lifestyle industry. Our products are designed to last and created with care for both the environment and the people in our value chain.


The goal set by our founders are simple, constant growth and learning. IMperfectionists must be constantly reinventing itself to accommodate new discoveries and knowledge.


With the extreme over-consumption of fashion, new styles hitting storefronts almost biweekly, and the large amount of human made textiles available, it is easy to forget that not too long ago all clothes were made using natural textiles such as hemp, cotton, or linen. Not too long-ago fashion was in fact circular. That is, as the clothes were all natural, they were also all biodegradable; disappearing back into the earth from which the fibres were originally harvested.

At IMperfectionists we believe in looking into the future, in the discovery of new solutions, but we have also concluded that in some instances the future is bettered by going back in time.

In our case by going biodegradable.

Which we are working towards.

Longevity At Our Core

Throw-away culture and overconsumption are both toxic parts of the fashion industry. From textile choices to production methods, durability/longevity is a focal point in all our designs.

We only source the best quality durable fabrics to ensure we make clothes that last.

Instead of printing, we embroider everything onto our sweatshirts to prevent artwork and logos from fading away when you wear and wash the items.