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Candle Transforming into Bengal Tiger Hand Cream

Candle Transforming into Bengal Tiger Hand Cream

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Vegan and sustainable waxes, which are hand creams when melted, are one of the newest products of the [IM]perfectionists brand, inspired by Scandinavian minimal life. 

Bengal Tiger creates a light and clean fragrance with the combination of Jasmine, Red Berries and Vanilla scents. 

Each of the creams was inspired by the different species of tigers that represent the brand and wanted to draw attention to this majestic creature that is about to become extinct. 

  • It becomes hand cream when melted. 
  • Handmade 
  • vegan 
  • Sustainable 

Note Only: Use as a hand cream. It is not recommended to apply it to other parts of the body. Since the wick of the candle is wooden, it provides longer use.

Size: 330cc

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