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Cosmic Cobalt Blue Tiger T-Shirt

Cosmic Cobalt Blue Tiger T-Shirt

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It represents the strength that comes from mental and physical imperfections that inspired the Kaplan Imperfectionists brand. Cosmic cobalt, our new color, which is inspired by a galactic cobalt blue and the infinity of funny, of the specially designed tiger t-shirt, which is hand-drawn by brand designer and creative director Dilayla and embroidered for premium quality and durability in terms of sustainability, combined with our classic tiger t-shirt.

Embroidery and hand-stitched oversize t-shirt on 100% cotton fabric stands out with its success in pattern.

Washing instructions:

Wash in cold (30 degrees or below) water and preferably in the machine with an environmentally friendly detergent. Stretch slightly when unwashed and hang to dry, preferably flat and out of the sun.
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