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[IM]perfectionists X Fairly Zero Wastage Hemp Buckle

[IM]perfectionists X Fairly Zero Wastage Hemp Buckle

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45% Organic Hemp, 20% Organic Flax and 35% Lyocell

This incredible collaboration with the Swedish sustainable company has come to an end, but we were very happy to cooperate and received a lot of positivity about it, so if you want to buy one, feel free :)

[IM]perfectionists X Fairly: Zero Waste Hemp Scrunchie Collaboration Did you know that 45% Organic Hemp, 20% Organic Linen and 35% Lyocell Fashion industry generates 92 million tons of textile waste per year, accounting for 10% of all global carbon emissions? The world's second-worst culprit in terms of water and plastic pollution. To make a change, we partnered with Swedish sustainable brand Fairly to create zero-waste hairpins from leftover parts. These designs are of course handmade and responsibly produced. We have limited availability and limited time for this collaboration so don't forget to buy your 45% Organic Hemp, 20% Organic Flax and 35% Lyocell rubber band Fairly donates 3 SEK to tailors in Baptala, India for every rubber band sold. It can be washed at 40°C.

How to care: They can be washed at 40°C, preferably in cold water.

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